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Every man has his brand… And so should you! Take a look through our selection of the most popular brands on the market and select the type that fits you best.

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Protection is key in every, intimate situation and we don’t want you running out! This part of the process allows you to select the quantity delivered each month and can be changed to accommodate every customer’s needs.

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Before you know it, your package will be arriving at the door! Not to worry though, the delivery will be discreet, mums the word. So need not about prying eyes, YOUR WILLY SHIELDS ARE HERE!


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Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions, We've Got Anwers!

Do I have to sign on and order every month?

Absolutely not!  We make the process simple for the customer.  You just need to register initially to set up your account and once its done, there is no need to log in to reorder.

What if I need more/less condoms?

We give you the option of accessing your account to update the quantities needed every month.

How do the purchases show up on my credit card?

We specialize in our discreet services and in order to provide privacy to our customers. Our company LLC (insert name) is shown rather than Willy Shields brand!

How and When Do you Ship?

All our shipments are sent out on the anniversary of your subscription date so you never have to worry about running out! We ship via standard USPS mail and our packages will arrive discretely.

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